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Making the World Safer,
Healthier and More Productive

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Material Science Expertise

With our material science expertise, we can help you improve your process efficiency, safety, and optimize your Total Cost of Ownership.

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Clear Edge is an established and trusted name in mining and mineral processing around the world. Our global customers rely on us for material science expertise, filtration solutions, process-critical filtration, drying products and industrial pollution control solutions. Clear Edge offers a wide selection of proven filtration and separation products, backed by an experienced staff of industry experts in mining and refining applications.

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Clear Edge provides reliable, proven filtration solutions to meet the demanding conditions and stringent safety requirements of the chemical process industry. Our offering includes a wide range of filter cloths and filter belts designed for use on various filter equipment, as well as technical expertise solutions for companies that work with liquids, gases, vapors, powders, and slurries. With our material science expertise, we can help you improve your process efficiency and safety, even with hazardous chemicals and in the most extreme conditions.

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Products Designed for Process Excellence

Clear Edge design quality filter media with years of experience in filter press cloths and horizontal vacuum belts. We deliver filter products with long-lasting performance that achieves the best results for your filtration applications.

Markets Critical to Our Everyday Lives

Clear Edge provides filtration solutions to a wide variety of global industries including Mining and Minerals, Chemicals, Food, Power Generation, Healthcare, Pulp and Paper, Beverage, and Water Treatment.


Filtration processes demand the highest levels of performance from the filter media. Whether that is filter efficiency and particle capture, flow rates and throughput or operational service life, Clear Edge offers unparalleled levels of customer service and application experience to suit every market.

Competitive lead time

Material science experts
Technical support
Filtration specialists

With a presence in over 120 countries worldwide, our customers have the assurance that we are always within reach. Remote mine sites and municipal operations alike, can rely on our extensive network of service locations to provide you with prompt assistance. Our solutions are designed to optimise any process and minimise downtime, ensuring uniterupted operations. Our team of experts is committed to supporting you throughout the entire life cycle of your media and equipment.

Latest updates

One of the world’s biggest nickel refinery in the western world, boosts productivity with Clear Edge innovative solutions


The world’s leading phosphate producer increases productivity by implementing Clear Edge filtration solutions


Clear Edge Receives Big Purchase Order to Supply Filter Cloth to the Largest Zinc Mine


Clear Edge Filtration launches new filter media for mining & minerals industry


Vertically integrated and globally situated.

At Clear Edge, we collaborate with our customers around the world and deliver filtration support and solutions directly to production sites.