Building Products

The building sector relies on consistent, high-quality materials produced in bulk for a competitive cost. These materials include wood-board products that are used in a variety of ways such as manufacturing cabinets and furniture and do-it-yourself projects. We supply filter media for the preparation of aggregates which is the key components in the substructures and foundations of buildings. Our customers, who are manufacturers of building materials, rely on Clear Edge products and technical know-how to keep their plants operating efficiently and safely.


Clear Edge’s Scandiafelt™ belts have long been a crucial component of many particle-board (PB), medium density fibre-board (MDF) and orientated strand-board (OSB) plants. Whether running multi-layer or continuous presses, end users and OEMs install Scandiafelt™ belts in de-airing, steam treatment and transfer positions. Our belts are available in endless woven and seamed formats, with anti-static conductive properties including coatings to suit each customer’s process. Always produced to the highest technical standards, the Scandiafelt™ wood-board range is supported by an experienced team to ensure the best outcome for every process.

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Clear Edge’s dust collection products are often used alongside our belts at wood-board plants to product workers and the environment.


Clean aggregates (sand and gravel) are essential to the building industry for the preparation of concrete and mortar and for many additional uses. Clear Edge’s technically specified filtration products for the modern aggregates industry sustainably meet the needs of the standards of the building sector. Our filter press cloth and belt press ranges include products relied upon to de-water thickened wastewater from the aggregate washing processes. Materials are typically subjected to washing and scrubbing processes used to remove clay or other unwanted materials. Screening to separate sand and gravel into their respective fractions and de-watering of sand to reduce the overall moisture content prior to drying and bagging. Water from wash sludge is recycled and the dried solids can be safely stored or used as a by-product.

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