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Coolflo™ Coolant Filtration Belts

Clean coolant fluid is essential to the efficient operation of all modern metal-working machines.

That’s why we developed Coolflo™ Coolant Filtration Belts. They   help you achieve the best results with your paperless coolant filter system. How? By maintaining the flow of particle-free fluid to cool and lubricate as your metal components are machined.

Coolflo™ belts are suited to vacuum-, pressure- and gravity-type paperless high-volume coolant filters, whether in a single metal-working machine or as part of a centralised system.

The Coolflo™ Difference

  • Choice of two filtration layer aperture sizes to suit your coolant viscosity and particle size distribution.
  • Ultra-smooth filtration surface for superior solids release.
  • Robust double layer technology. That ensures smooth, high-flowing apertures to enhance coolant throughput and increased operational life.
  • Highly stable herringbone backing layer for excellent belt tracking.
  • A wide range of belt sizes to suit your machine type.
  • Multiple edge and seam options to choose from.
  • Highly engineered fabrication with a tough, durable belt edge and seam for long-term reliability.
  • Also available in roll goods.

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