Mining and Minerals

The mining and minerals sector demand high-quality solid-liquid and solid-gas filtration. Clear Edge’s wide range of filter products and solutions offers maximum performance to meet those demands. Using our well-established and growing worldwide support network of highly qualified filtration, application and market specialists, we continuously improve technologies and innovate products to suit each mining, refining, electrowinning and smelting applications.

At Clear Edge, we bring our extensive industry experience and knowledge to meet your process requirements. We have experienced each resource cycle alongside our mining and mineral processing partners, and we understand the challenges faced by the modern mining sector. As a Clear Edge customer, we focus on your needs and work with you when environmental and safety standards change. As mineral and water resources become scarcer and commodity prices experience highs and lows, we partner with you to provide solutions that are best suited for you. Whether your process is focused on minerals or energy, we are experts in fine tuning our filtration products to maximise your product value.

Alumina and Aluminium


Clear Edge has been a filtration partner to the alumina refining industry for decades. Alutex™, our range of filter media, specifically for the alumina industry, has evolved with essential filtration steps of the Bayer circuit and peripheral filtration applications.

Red-side or white-side, bauxite handling or residue processing, contaminant removal or environmental protection, wet filtration or dry filtration, there is an Alutex™ product to help you get the most out of your processes.

The Alutex™ range includes options to maximise filtration process performance in every application.

Refineries all over the world rely on Alutex™ for:

  • Dry Filtration (Dust bags) or Ceramic Elements (CERAFIL™)
  • Hydrate Seed De-Liquoring
  • Liquor Polishing/ Red Mud Security
  • Oxalate Removal
  • Product De-Liquoring and Washing
  • Red Mud Residue De-Watering

Our Alutex™ range is engineered for all processes within each Alumina application including:

Clear Edge Filtrationsupplies quality dust and fume filtration products to many industries including power generation, mining and mineral processing, refining and smelting in alumina and metals, cement manufacturing and baghouse original equipment manufacturers.

At Clear Edge, we will work with you to select the Alutex™ media to best suit your process and operational goals. Our highly trained sales team is supported by application and industry experts and backed by state-of-the-art laboratories to review your process and select the optimum media for you.


Primary aluminium is produced by an electrolytic process in which alumina, (Al2O3), obtained from bauxite is reduced to its constituent parts, i.e. aluminium metal and oxygen. This smelting process has a high energy demand which in most cases is produced on-site at the smelter premises. Most of these captive power generation plants are fired with coal or natural gas (Gas Turbine). These plants use either large dust collectors for the collection of Fly Ash or In-Let Air Filter Cartridges for cleaning the air stream that flows into the gas turbine.

The Smelting industry employs a large number of filters, which are predominantly baghouses for Fly Ash, Fume, Silo vent or General Nuisance Dust Collection. The collection of noxious gases and particulates from electro cells (Pot Line Fume and Dust), is the most significant.

At Clear Edge, we pride ourselves on being customer centred. We have the expertise and decades of experience to assist our customers in reaching their processing and operational goals. Whether it is alumina transportation via ‘air-slide’, Nuisance dust, Pre-Bake or Rodding Fume. With our fully integrated and globally accessible supply chain and highly trained on-site customer support, we are eager to hear from you.

For our full Alutex™ specifications, download the Clear Edge Alumina and Dust and fume brochure

Tailing and Concentrate Dewatering

Metal producers understand the importance of an efficiently operated filter building. Whether your filters are de-watering, concentrated metallurgical ore for a fine particle size, tailings slurry for dry stacking, the filtration facility is an essential process step.

Clear Edge has collaborated with metal producers for decades to achieve the best filtration results from a wide variety of processes. We fine tune parameters such as cake moisture, solids capture and cloth installation, whilst driving filter availability and throughput.

The solution to your filtration processes relies on years of experience in filter equipment. At Clear Edge, we have supported Filter Press ClothsHorizontal Vacuum Belt Filters, Twin Wire Presses, Rotary Vacuum Disc Filters and Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters for decades. Over the years we have developed a range of hardware spares to support these applications.

When it comes to filter media, Clear Edge will work with you to select the best options for your process and operational goals. Our highly-trained sales team are supported by application and industry experts and backed by state-of-the-art laboratories to review your process and select the optimum media.

Read more about out Tailings and Concentrate Dewatering solutions in our dedicated brochure.

Iron and Steel

Filtration plays a vital role in the dewatering of iron ore concentrate and, in many cases, tailings, in the control of process and ore transportation dust. With decades of knowledge on the extraction of iron ore from hematite and magnetite, we have engineered beneficiation and waste treatment filter media and hardware spares that perform to the highest standards.

The production of iron ore and steel is a complex operation that consists of various processes including Benification, Dust Bag Houses for dust control during transportation and ship loading, direct reduction, smelting reduction, basic oxygen furnace, and the electric arc process.

Our filter media is developed accordingly to suit each application including consistency of cake moisture, cake discharge properties and the necessity of long operational life. Filter presses, rotary disc filters, and horizontal vacuum belt filters  are the most common filtration equipment used during the iron ore extraction process.

We understand the precise results needed from iron ore to make steel and our filter media has a reputation for delivering:

  • Excellent retention efficiency and cake moistures
  • Extended filter media life
  • High flow rates & production throughput
  • Reduced blinding tendency
  • Superior filter cake release

Clear Edge Filtrationsupplies quality dust and fume filtration products to many industries including power generation, mining and mineral processing, refining and smelting in alumina, metals, cement manufacture and to baghouse original equipment manufacturers.

As a result of the high gas temperatures in steel smelting facilities, we have developed a range of specialised dry filtration products to suit and to help reduce emissions. From the onset we work with our customers to establish the appropriate methods of control to be applied at the various control points and tailor our dry filtration products to suit each dust control stage.

Base and Precious Metals

As demand for base and precious metals for the commercial markets increase, customers increasingly rely on our proven product range as an essential part of their production of gold, silver, lead, nickel, copper, zinc and platinum.

With these valuable assets being the end product for many of these facilities, we understand the precise quality that is needed from filter media and hardware spares to ensure high performance and results.

Whether your process requires capturing dust emissions during transferring, dewatering concentrate or tailings, screening or classifying with linear screens; using security filters polishing the electrolyte or anode bags during the electro wining process and finally processing electrolyte sludge.

Clear Edge’s range of filter fabrics for metallurgical ore concentrates, tailings, refining and electro winning are compiled with the rigours of mineral processing plants in mind. Regardless of the fabric weight, permeability, weave pattern and yarn type used to optimise filtration performance, our customers can count on our filtration media to be as robust and as easy to install as possible.

Filtration products within base and precious metals applications include Filter Press ClothsHorizontal Vacuum Belt Filters, Twin Wire Presses, Rotary Vacuum Disc Filters and Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters as well as Linear Screens.  Clear Edge has developed a range of replacement hardware spares for your Filter Press PlatesUltraflo™ Disc Sectors and Pressure Filter Leaves.

With the increasing pressure to reduce particles from the atmosphere within base and precious metals applications, we pride ourselves on developing Dust Bags to protect the environment. With a diverse range of pulse jet, reserve air and shaker dust collectors, and dust collectors’ accessories, we will work with you to ensure your applications decrease the amount of emissions released into the environment.


After high sulphur coal is mined, Coal Handling Preparation Plants (CHPP), washes and removes the grime and sediment from the coal, to be ready for transportation to market. This is due to the presence of non-combustible materials including rock, clay, pyrites and shale because freshly mined coal cannot be sold to the commercial or domestic market. In CHPP facilities, coal preparation systems have been developed to remove the non-combustible materials and enhance the coal’s calorific value.

At Clear Edge, we understand the importance of efficient filtration to CHPP plants. Our products are trusted to assist wash plants in achieving their moisture targets in fine dewatering and tailings processing including safely controlling nuisance dust.

Our filter products and hardware spares have been precision designed to withstand the handling of fines and tailings slurries and we selectively use various filament and felt constructions for performance and quality.

Clear Edge delivers filter media for each filtration stage within the coal preparation process including: 

With year’s of experience in this essential filtration process, we have continuously developed our filter media characteristics to include:

  • Excellent dimensional stability in order to prevent cloths, belts or bag stretching
  • Flexibility to allow fixing into position without damaging yarns
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • High permeability to enable good flow rates
  • Outstanding durability to resist abrasion from the suction trays
  • Smooth surface finish to media to assist in cake discharge
  • Strong media design to avoid creases leading to potential weak points

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