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Phosphoric Acid

Depending on the origin, blend and quality of phosphate rock, the P2O5 process conditions in Dihydrate (DH), Hemihydrate (HH), Hemi-Dihydrate (HDH) including slurry temperature differences as well as solid/liquid equipment type used may vary considerably. Selecting the right filter media is paramount in achieving the optimal filtration with desirable high flow rates. Monofilament fabrics are typically selected for this purpose, in specific Polypropylene or Polyester grades, depending on the process and equipment type used, such as Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters and Table Tilting or Non-Tilting Filters.

We have been working with phosphoric acid producers and equipment OEMs for many years, to achieve the best filtration results under the full spectrum of process conditions and varying raw material qualities. We will help you find the best balance between acid quality, yield, cost, service life of filter media and filtration performance.

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