Water Treatment

Filtration plays a vital role in the production of safe water for consumer and industrial use. With the supply of water to millions of residential and commercial properties worldwide, at Clear Edge we understand the necessity for high quality filtration products.

Our laboratory continues innovating filtration techniques to meet the requirements of worldwide governing bodies and regulations. Water filtration is a significant stage within the wastewater treatment process and involves multiple cycles including flocculation, coagulation and sedimentation. The Clear Edge laboratory team guarantees that our products will perform to the maximum level and produce high quality results. This aligns with our mission to make the world safer, healthier and more productive.

Water treatment filtration is demanded in many market sectors including food and beveragemining and mineralspower generationbuilding products (sand, gravel and cement), transportation and pulp and paper.

Industrial Waste Water

Wastewater is one of the most significant sources of pollution and can contain toxic waste, solids, debris and chemicals from residential, commercial and industrial sources. Wastewater must be significantly purified before being released into the environment. Clear Edge works with local governing bodies and industries to develop filtration materials and products that meet the high regulations to properly filter the water.

Our worldwide laboratories allow us to test slurry and design specific filter media cloth that complies with your applications.

We have an extensive range of filter media developed for industrial waste water including:

Municipal Potable Water

Environmental challenges are at the forefront of many water companies that supply high quality drinking water to the populace. At Clear Edge, we pioneer in the development of water treatment filtration and ensure our technologies can help combat bacteria and micro-organisms as well as the removal of hazardous substances and particles.

With years of potable water experience, we pride ourselves in delivering high-performance filtration products that reduce tonics and provide safe potable water.

Our filter media is designed precisely for the filtration of high-quality clean water:

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