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Coal miner in the man hands of coal background. Coal mining or energy source, environment protection. Industrial coals. Volcanic rock.

After high sulphur coal is mined, Coal Handling Preparation Plants (CHPP), washes and removes the grime and sediment from the coal, to be ready for transportation to market. This is due to the presence of non-combustible materials including rock, clay, pyrites and shale because freshly mined coal cannot be sold to the commercial or domestic market. In CHPP facilities, coal preparation systems have been developed to remove the non-combustible materials and enhance the coal’s calorific value.

At Clear Edge, we understand the importance of efficient filtration to CHPP plants. Our products are trusted to assist wash plants in achieving their moisture targets in fine dewatering and tailings processing including safely controlling nuisance dust.

Our filter products and HARDWARE SPARES have been precision designed to withstand the handling of fines and tailings slurries and we selectively use various filament and felt constructions for performance and quality.

Clear Edge delivers filter media for each filtration stage within the coal preparation process including: 

With year’s of experience in this essential filtration process, we have continuously developed our filter media characteristics to include:

  • Excellent dimensional stability in order to prevent cloths, belts or bag stretching
  • Flexibility to allow fixing into position without damaging yarns
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • High permeability to enable good flow rates
  • Outstanding durability to resist abrasion from the suction trays
  • Smooth surface finish to media to assist in cake discharge
  • Strong media design to avoid creases leading to potential weak points

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