clear edge Lotus range
clear edge Lotus range
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The future of filter media, now!

Traditionally, the major contributing factor limiting the operational life of conventional filter media is blinding and scale buildup, caused by the constant ingress and accumulation of particulate matter inside the structure of the filter media. If left unchecked, this leads to increased cycle times, reduced production rates, a decrease in throughput and ultimately shorter service life. The Lotus Range™ of filtration media is designed specifically to address the challenges of the modern mining industry.

The Lotus Range™ of filter media products are manufactured using a proprietary, modified yarn technology designed to enhance the washing, anti-blinding, flow rates and cake release properties of the fabric. This revolutionary technology permanently improves these key performance characteristics where previously, surface chemical applications have washed off over time.

Our rich history combined with product development experience span more than 200 years, we at Clear Edge Filtration develop products that best fit customer needs. Together we can get Lotus Range™ technology working to optimise your process.

Features and Benefits

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