Pressure Filtration

Clear Edge offers market leading filter media products for many pressure filter types including Filter PressesTower Presses
Pressure Leaf Filters and Belt Presses.

We have developed unparalleled product features such as our Coreflo™ barrel neck, adding value to our customers’ process filtration stages.

Filter Press Cloths

Clear Edge has decades of experience in the manufacturing of industry-leading products for horizontal chamber and membrane filter presses. 

Vertical Tower Press Belts

Our Tower Press Belts provide reliable filtration solutions for a variety of industries — from the pigment, dye and chemical fields to mineral, pharmaceutical and food applications.

Pressure Leaf Filters

As the name suggests, the pressure leaf filter uses individual metal filter frames or ‘leaves’ to support each filter bag.

Candle Filter Sleeves

Distinguished by their cylindrical appearance, Candle Filter Sleeves are polishing filters in applications within the mining and minerals, chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and pulp and paper market sectors.

Press Belts

Commonly found in municipal wastewater treatment plants, industrial treatment plants,pulp and paper as well as the beverage sector, Clear Edge works with customers worldwide to develop fabrics for press belt machines.