Horizontal Vacuum Filter Belt

High quality filtration and liquid-solid separation are keys to the popular Horizontal Vacuum Filter Belt. The filter is a relatively simple, yet highly effective, machine used throughout the process industries.  With decades of experience in the development of the Horizontal Vacuum Filter Belt, Clear Edge has a diverse global portfolio to match any operation including, Mining and Minerals, ChemicalsPower GenerationFood and BeverageBuilding Products and Pulp and Paper.

We develop Horizontal Vacuum Filter Belts robust enough for continuous movement. When slurry is poured onto the belt at one end, filtration is generated by a vacuum under the filter belt as it travels toward the other end where filter cake discharges. We uniquely design fabrics, yarn and weaves with smooth cake release and abrasion resistance for long-performing, operational life.  One benefit of belt filtration is the entire process is often visible to the operator and it is simple to spot any process excursions as they occur.  

Using Clear Edge belt filter media has proven to be more cost-effective because it is simple to maintain and clean. Offering both single layer and double layer belts, we continue to innovate with improved dimensional stability, high flow rates and longer service life.

Yarn Type and Characteristics

Clear Edge offers optimal choices of Belt filter media using a wide variety of yarn materials including PP, PES, and other types with specially developed weave structures. Monofilament, multifilament and staple fibres help optimise your process. With excellent particle capture, resistance to binding, smooth cake release and flexibility, our customers rely on our solutions.


At Clear Edge, we offer a range of weave patterns based on your application. We work with customers to develop the correct weave type based on flow rate, cake release, caption level and blinding.

Seaming Options

We deliver seams with stability for a continuously smooth filtration process. Our ranges include various clipper seam systems with or without specifically designed flaps for belt sealing, various clipper resin protections and designs. We develop and select the right seam for your application.

Clear Edge belts are valued by end-users and OEMs running these horizontal vacuum filter belts:

  • Andritz
  • Compositech-Filters
  • Filtres Philippe (Hasler)
  • FLSmidth
  • Gaudfrin
  • Nuclear Industry Yantai Tongxing Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Outotec (Pannevis)
  • Tenova/Delkor
  • ThyssenKrupp
  • WesTech
  • Many others

For details on how we can tailor Horizontal Vacuum Filter Belts to your application, contact the team