Filter Press Cloths

Clear Edge has decades of experience in the manufacturing of industry-leading products for horizontal chamber and membrane filter presses. The evolution of the modern filter press had seen a dramatic increase in the physical size and production capacity for certain markets. Our product portfolio is continuing to evolve and expand to meet these high-performance requirements. As focus moves to environmental considerations such as de-watering of Mine Tailings, Clear Edge is continuing to innovate with heavy weight, mechanically resistant fabrics with improved dimensional stability, high flow rates and longer service life.

With the implementation of the chamber filter press across an extremely diverse set of markets, we have a broad product portfolio to match any process, including Mining & MineralsChemicalsFood & BeverageWater Treatment and Building Products. We offer filter media that can be tailored to each process. Additionally, we offer innovative solutions for use across many sectors with our Coreflo™ barrel neck, and our Azurtex™ and Primapor™ coated media which are tailored to specific markets such as Dyes & Pigments and Kaolin.

Advanced Fabrication Techniques

At Clear Edge, we pride ourselves on quality and performance with the filter media and the ancillary items that are attached to the press cloth of the plate. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our highly trained fabrication staff ensure that each filter cloth is made to the highest standards.

Automated Sewing

When precision sewing is necessary, for example with the Diastar-type pressure filter, Clear Edge has automated sewing to enable us to produce bags to meet the most stringent tolerances.

Laser Cutting

Clear Edge has laser cutting equipment at every fabrication plant location. Each bespoke item is designed on CADCAM. Capable of cutting today’s largest filter cloths, the laser’s speed and precision ensure our customers receive the best-fitting product every time.

Edge Sealing

When additional protection from the chance of leakage is required, Clear Edge applies high-performance sealants to fully block the closing faces of the cloths. Using spray booth techniques, we ensure a homogenous sealant layer on every cloth.

High Grade Ancillaries

Clear Edge sources the highest-grade ancillary items in the fabrication of our chamber press cloths. Matching polymer types, using chemical resistant metals, high-strength hook and loop or specialty polymer zipping, we ensure the performance of our ancillary pieces matches the quality performance of our media.

high grade ancillaries

Clear Edge cloths are valued by end-users and OEMs running these filter presses:

  • Andritz
  • Choquenet
  • Diemme
  • Evoqua
  • FLSmidth
  • Jing Jin
  • McLanahan
  • Metso
  • Outotec
  • Putsch
  • Many others

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Coreflo™ Barrel Neck

The service life of a filter press cloth is dependent on several factors including the strength and integrity of the barrel neck which works to join both panels of the cloth.

Our Coreflo™ barrel neck has been developed to optimise your filter press performance. We applied state-of-the-art technologies to create the unique Coreflo™ construction. Using patented welding technology to permanently join an elastomeric barrel neck to the filter cloth, our automated welding process keeps the filter cloth completely flat, with zero possibility of creasing or twisting.

Since Coreflo™ is fully welded, there is no chance of product bypass even with the finest particulate in, for example, pigments and fillers or kaolin production. The core is also kept free from solids build-up for easy cleaning. This effectively facilitates a fully automated press due to a better cake release.

Coreflo™ is most commonly used in combination with Clear Edge polypropylene fabrics. For specific customer applications, we combine it with selected polyamide polymer types in the wastewater treatment and aggregates (sand and gravel) markets.

For customers who want increased operational efficiency and performance in demanding applications, Coreflo™ delivers.

Download the Coreflo™ brochure


Dualtex is a double layer weave filtration fabric that features a smooth woven surface on the filtration side and a more open, heavier weave on the reverse side which uniquely allows liquid to escape more easily and leaving a substantially drier cake.

The Dualtex weave effectively allows the filter cloth and backing cloth to be combined so that any difficulties associated with fitting two cloths, such as creasing, cake hang up and time off line, are eliminated.