Pressure Leaf Filters

As the name suggests, the pressure leaf filter uses individual metal filter frames or ‘leaves’ to support each filter bag. The array of filter leaf and bag assemblies is arranged inside a pressure vessel housing vertically with the leaf fully covered and sealed. Liquid flows into the shell of the enclosing vessel, through the medium on the leaf to the top of the leaf and through the filtrate collection manifold. The filter cake builds on the surface of the media to its optimum thickness so we understand the demand for a smooth cake release on fabrics.

At Clear Edge, we deliver pressure leaf filters for both vertical or horizontal and develop filter media precisely for your application requirements and end product. Whether your industry is food and beverageschemicalshealthcare or transportation we deliver high performance filtration products that exceed industry standards.

Key features of the Pressure Leaf Filter:

  • Strong resistance for long-lasting performance
  • Endurance to high temperatures
  • Excellent cake release with reduced risk of waste
  • Guaranteed filtrate clarity
  • High filtration throughput
  • We develop and weave our fabrics to your precise application demands

Clear Edge bags are valued by end-users and OEMs running these pressure leaf filters:

  • Amafilter/LFC Lochem
  • Ascension (Durco)
  • CEM (Chemplant)
  • Envirogen
  • Gaudfrin
  • Kelly
  • Outotec (Scheibler)
  • Progress
  • Putsch
  • Sparkler
  • Many others

For details on how we can tailor Pressure Leaf Filters to your application, contact the team