High Retention Media

Azurtex™ and Primapor™ Coated Filter Media

Filtrating extremely fine particles is a challenge. That’s why we pioneered Clear Edge’s coated filter media solutions. They help ensure your processes run efficiently even in the most demanding environments.

Our coated media filter cloth Azurtex™ and Primapor™ were tested in laboratories around the world. They are proven to deliver high flow rates, superior cake releases and, most importantly, increased clear filtrate.

Why Choose Azurtex™ and Primapor™

  • Surface filtration
  • Excellent particle retention
  • Superior cake release
  • Reduced blinding tendency
  • High flow rates
  • Longer fabric life

Azurtex™ and Primapor™ Value Proposition

Clear Edge coated filter media demonstrates outstanding filtration efficiency in a wide range of process conditions and is designed to provide dimensional and mechanical stability, particularly for use in filter presses and rotary drum filters. Azurtex and Primapor help prevent cloth blinding, which results in improved operational life of the filter cloths with a constant product flow or vacuum pressure. With up to 100% particle capture and a reduced tendency for the media to blind, users can benefit from increased product output and filter up time. This helps lower the maintenance costs.


Clear Edge’s exclusive Azurtex™ coated filter media is manufactured using a specially formulated polymer coating impregnated into a polypropylene or polyester woven substrate and provides a unique filtration surface.


This fine medium density microporous polymer coating securely bonds to a woven fabric substrate, providing strength and dimensional stability in use.

Coated media selection by equipment type

Filter EquipmentAzurtex PPAzurtex PETPrimapor
Candle Filters✔️
Chamber Filter Press✔️
Pressure Leaf Filters✔️✔️
Rotary Vacuum Disc Filters✔️✔️
Rotary Vacuum Drums✔️✔️
Vacuum Leaf Filters✔️✔️