Iron Ore

steel production

Filtration plays a vital role in the dewatering of iron ore concentrate and, in many cases, tailings, in the control of process and ore transportation dust. With decades of knowledge on the extraction of iron ore from hematite and magnetite, we have engineered beneficiation and waste treatment filter media and hardware spares that perform to the highest standards.

The production of iron ore and steel is a complex operation that consists of various processes including Benification, Dust Bag Houses for dust control during transportation and ship loading, direct reduction, smelting reduction, basic oxygen furnace, and the electric arc process.

Our filter media is developed accordingly to suit each application including consistency of cake moisture, cake discharge properties and the necessity of long operational life. FILTER PRESSES, ROTARY DISC FILTERS, and HORIZONTAL VACUUM BELT FILTERS  are the most common filtration equipment used during the iron ore extraction process.

We understand the precise results needed from iron ore to make steel and our filter media has a reputation for delivering:

  • Excellent retention efficiency and cake moistures
  • Extended filter media life
  • High flow rates & production throughput
  • Reduced blinding tendency
  • Superior filter cake release

Clear Edge Filtrationsupplies quality dust and fume filtration products to many industries including power generation, mining and mineral processing, refining and smelting in alumina, metals, cement manufacture and to baghouse original equipment manufacturers.

As a result of the high gas temperatures in steel smelting facilities, we have developed a range of specialised DRY FILTRATION products to suit and to help reduce emissions. From the onset, we work with our customers to establish the appropriate methods of control to be applied at the various control points and tailor our dry filtration products to suit each dust control stage.

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