Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter

Rotary Drum Filter

Demanding filtration processes across an array of market sectors can vary significantly, that’s why at Clear Edge, we offer an extensive range of products that provide unsurpassed process performance to maintain high levels of separation.

The Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter is one of the oldest filtration methods and is still commonly used within process industries, at Clear Edge we continuously innovate our media to keep up with modern separation practises.

Clear Edge build custom solutions based on your requirements from weave specifications to temperature and chemical constraints to ensure your end product is at its highest quality.

We adapt each individual product to your specific filtration requirements, from the CAD design to the finished article. Our team of technical specialists ensure every filter is tailored to fit your type of Drum filter machine and design each product to work to its maximum performance.

Benefits of Clear Edge’s Rotary Drum Filters

  • We work with you every step of the way to tailor the best solution for your production and equipment
  • We develop and weave our own fabrics for a vertically integrated solution to your process needs.
  • Offer material to cope with even the most challenging temperature and chemical processes
  • High filtration efficiency and throughput
  • Robust materials for long operational life
  • Excellent cake release and cleaning
  • Engineered CAD design process based on your equipment
  • Our highly trained staff operate modern fabrication equipment to manufacture products of the highest quality
  • Fabricated in our purpose-built facilities located close to our customers around the globe
  • Tailored seams including clipper, Velcro and zippers to suit your process
  • Option to add FrameTrak™ to assist with fast cloth change and reduce operational risk

FrameTrak™ Fixing System for Panels

We work with our customers to engineer a unique fixing system, FrameTrak™ that offers a fast cloth change, reduced operator risk, extended cloth life and improved solids capture rate for a majority of drum filter machines.

Applications for a drum can be chemical, food & beverage, power generation amongst others. Clear Edge build custom solutions based on your requirements from weave specifications to temperature and chemical constraints to ensure your end product is at its highest quality.

Clear Edge cloths are valued by end-users and OEMs running these drum filters:

  • Alfa Laval
  • Andritz
  • Bokela/TSK
  • Compositech Filters
  • FLSmidth (Eimco Dorr-Oliver)
  • Komline-Sanderson
  • Peterson Filters
  • WesTech

For details on how we can tailor Rotary Drum Filters to your application, contact the team


At Clear Edge, we continue to introduce innovative technologies to help optimise your separation process and ensure it is performing at its maximum potential. With FrameTrak™, our team of specialists deliver a step change in technology. Our unique product not only helps to lengthen service life, but also lowers plant operating costs by vastly reducing filter downtime, reducing caustic wash and increasing production output.

FrameTrak™ is an advancement in technology for the removal and re-clothing of traditional caulked and clamped filter cloth panels, suitable for rotary vacuum drum, disc and pan filters. Exclusive to Clear Edge, FrameTrak™ allows a safer and easier method of attaching the filter media to the equipment without the need for caulking rope and tooling that bring with them OH&S concerns.

Traditional caulking methods result in fabric overlap and a reduced filtration surface area. This can lead to higher cake moisture and reduced operational life as a consequence of increased scale build-up. FrameTrak™ panels are custom designed to fit the exact measurements of your equipment, meaning your filtration surface is increased.

Additional Benefits of FrameTrak™


We designed the FrameTrak™ fixing system so that cloth trimming is eliminated, meaning your installation time is vastly reduced.

With standard panels, the process of placing rope into its grove with specialist tools can be frustrating for maintenance staff. Concerns over employee health and safety whilst installing the panels are regularly associated with pan filter re-clothing so Clear Edge have pioneered the solution.

Thanks to the structure of FrameTrak™, there no need to descale between panels with a caustic wash. The panels can be simply washed with water or condensate to remove high pH residue from the cloth.

Unlike conventional filter panels, FrameTrak™ reduces the potential for premature cloth wear by eliminating cloth damage during re-clothing. Long operation life is paramount whilst maintaining a smoother, trouble free filtration process.