Pulp and Paper

At Clear Edge, we specialise in all stages of pulp and paper processes and includes brown stock washing, bleach pulp washing, thickening stages, dewatering and sludge dewatering. The pulp and paper processing industry require complex filtration and relies on us for a full range of filtration media.

We deliver quality products that are durable and affordable without compromising filter media properties. With worldwide state-of-the-art laboratories, we tailor technology and products that maintain high performance, with long filter service lives which helps to lower operating costs.

One objective within the industry is overcoming economic and environmental challenges. At Clear Edge, we optimise performance to reduce high energy usage to lower the carbon footprint.

We provide all-round filtration solutions from understanding the costs implemented in production to the level of separation or efficiency required.


Wood pulp is the primary raw material in the production of paper and is primarily obtained from cellulose fibres found in forestry. There are several methods to extracting pulp including thermos-mechanical (TMP), chemical (kraft) and removing pulp from recycled paper.

The pulp extraction processes are complex, and at Clear Edge, we rely on our years of experience to supply robust filtration products for each application and, we tailor filter fabrics precisely for each step. The key areas where solid and liquid separation takes place is in the washing, thickening and dewatering stages. With decades of product development in our global laboratories, we have designed specific filter media for each stage including rotary vacuum drums for brown stock and bleach pulp washing stages as well as multi-roll belt filters for dewatering and sludge dewatering. For thickening stages, we supply disc filters, twin wire press filters and gravity thickeners.

Our exclusive range of filter media for pulp processes include:


Clear Edge has a rich history of supplying a broad range of filtration products to the several applications within the paper mill process. With an increasing commitment to the environment, we play an essential role in ensuring the filtration of waste paper and water meets local regulations to produce recycled paper. We uniquely tailor filter media for every step of your paper mill process from washing and thickening to dewatering. We deliver high quality fabrics to ensure you get the best results.

At Clear Edge, our exclusive range of filter media for paper processes include:

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