Gravity Filtration

Gravity Filtration

Even with the rise of Pressure Filtration, Gravity Filtration can still be found within applications such as Water Treatment Dewatering and Mining and Minerals. The filtration and separation processes rely on the gravity force to enable the liquid mixture to pass through the filter belt media.

Gravity Belts

Gravity belts are commonly used for sludge volume reduction prior to digestion, dewatering or disposal stages within water treatment applications. Our team of specialists have developed cost-effective solutions for gravity belt thickeners with both options of spiral link and woven filter media. Clear Edge specifically designs the gravity belts to withstand high loading rates, long process life for continuous operation, high hydraulic throughput and low maintenance.

Linear Screens

Belt Linear Screens primarily operate for the separation of coarser particles from ore process slurries, thus guaranteeing a smooth and efficient screening process. Our team of specialists continuously strive for innovative weaving designs to ensure we meet the needs of a majority of applications. At Clear Edge, we offer a range of monofilament belt fabrics with various mesh openings and pore sizes to deliver precision separation to various demands.

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