Innovation and Technology

At Clear Edge, we know that innovation is critical to your success – and ours. We continually invest in innovation with resources, equipment and tools to mimic complex processes within our laboratory, and to scale-up technology to fit with customer-specific systems.

Our scientists and engineers work closely with customers to add value to their industrial processes by:

  • Working on the next generation of innovative solutions
  • Providing more up-time (on plant and equipment)
  • Creating ways to save energy
  • Identifying process efficiencies

How? By collaborating with our customers and understanding their true needs. Our experienced, global multi-disciplinary innovation team has years of experience in managing complex processes and understanding project management.

Using a stage-gate process, innovation of our filtration technology progresses in a series of well-established steps to develop new products and solutions for customers and target markets. And, our long-standing partnerships with OEMs and system integrators help ensure our customers remain world-class innovators.

As a part of Filtration Group, a pure play filtration company, Clear Edge has access to a significant global network of engineers and equipment, including more than 20 leading internal laboratories dedicated to filtration. We also work closely with prominent universities and institutes around the world to shape the long-term future of filtration and separation. Our collaborative approach gives us insight into tomorrow’s technologies today – things like computational fluid dynamics, process monitoring sensors, smart filtration media and the Internet of Things. We’re proud of our culture of innovation, and highlight it in our intellectual property portfolio, at leading conferences and exhibitions, and with our innovation seeking customers worldwide.

Throughout our vertically integrated global supply chain, Clear Edge is ISO 9001 certified. We embrace the latest ISO standards as innovate how we support customers. We are well versed in regulations governing markets such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical, and use a Quality Management System (QMS) to track and trace all manufacturing steps though standardized, documented processes.

Our Certifications

IQNet Certification

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

ISO 50001:2011 Certification

Ecovadis Silver 2019