Clear Edge Filtration launches new filter media for mining & minerals industry


September 14, 2021, USA: Clear Edge Filtration, a global leader in industrial filtration products and filter media has announced the launch of a new range of filter media – Lotus Range™ for the mining & minerals industry to provide longer-life, decrease the frequency of filter cloth changes, and increase efficiency in mining and mineral processing dewatering operations.

The new Lotus Range filter media has been tested and evaluated at various reputable mining sites and performance has exceeded all expectations.

Clear Edge filter press cloth delivers precise results:

  • Excellent cake moisture
  • Extended filter media life
  • Consistently high flow rates & production throughput
  • Reduced blinding tendency
  • Easy to clean
  • Superior filter cake release
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced transport costs

The advanced properties of the Lotus Range™ media address the main performance characteristics that directly relate to operational cost reduction. Process optimisation, achieved through cutting edge media technology reduces number of cloth changes, increases machine up time and availability, increases product output and helps reduce labour whilst improving on site health & safety.

Dave Fogg, Technical Director, Clear Edge Filtration, says, “We constantly strive to build a superior level of understanding of our customers process. This enables us to design and develop products that address specific performance needs. By introducing the Lotus Range™ of filter media into YOUR process, we can help reduce your production costs across the board”

In terms of innovation, Clear Edge brings a unique concept of weaving, finishing and fabrication. As a synergy product within the Clear Edge filter media portfolio, the Lotus Range is a step change in media technology that address the challenges of the modern mining industry.

Clear Edge Filtration

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