Meet Abbey Hopkins, Vice President & General Manager, Asia Pacific Region

Region: Asia Pacific
Years in Clear Edge: 2+ years at Filtration Group, 2 weeks at Clear Edge
Nationality: American

Can you tell us about your current role and responsibilities?

As the Vice President & General Manager of APAC, I am responsible for creating a collaborative and culturally positive work environment to enable the APAC team execute our business objectives. I will help empower, inspire, and challenge the APAC team on ways we can work effectively and achieve volume growth that meet/exceed our budget expectations.

What first drew you to want to work for Clear Edge

I was drawn to Clear Edge for several reasons, but the main driver is working with a team that has grit and passion. As a fellow BU leader on the Industrial Technologies Team, I have heard about Clear Edge’s transformative journey over the last 5 years and have been in awe of what you all have accomplished. You have proven that you can do hard things and come out the other side stronger and ready to take on your next challenge. I am excited to see how your learnings over the last 5 years, will help us all on the next step of Clear Edge’s journey for volume growth. It’s a new and exciting adventure we are about to partake in, and I cannot wait to learn and collaborate with everyone along the way!

What is the driving force behind everything you do… what keeps you motivated and driven daily?

My family is the biggest driving force in my life. I got married in November 2023, so everything I do is for my family. My parents have also been a huge driving force in my life as they both exemplify what hard work and determination can bring into your life, professionally and personally. Coffee certainly helps as well.

What’s something you do to start your workday?

I always start the day with a cup of coffee. It wakes me up, and gives me a sense of peace and clarity before I conquer the day.

Who has been the biggest mentor in your professional career and what was the most important lesson they taught you?

My biggest mentor in my professional career is Scott Cassidy, President of Reelcraft (a Madison Industry business). I worked with him prior to coming to FGC/Madison and he has been the best sounding board for me as I have progressed through my career. The biggest lesson he has taught is how to care, show appreciation, and create opportunities for your team. Successful businesses are made by teams of dedicated people showing up every day to do their jobs and wanting to get a little bit better every day. It’s the people that make the company run, so I strive to make sure my team feels valued and appreciated for the work they do every day.

If you could sit down for dinner with anyone, who would it be and why

Paul McCartney, I was named after the Beatles album Abbey Road and have grown up listening to their music. I would love to talk with Paul about the music-making process, what inspires him, and listen to his stories.

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

I am an extrovert by nature so I like to spend my time outside of work with the people I love most aka my family, friends, and dog (Norman). I am also fascinated by food so I like try new recipes (cooking and baking) or go out to dinner and try different cuisines. When I find some alone time, I like to go to movies or do puzzles.

How will you use your skills and experience to shape the future of Clear Edge?

I am excited to see how my commercial background and previous GM experiences can help bring Clear Edge into their new growth era. I believe my past experiences will help us create a collaborative cross functional team that communicates effectively with each other enabling us to win customer’s business.  I will use my past experiences with sales funnels and sales platforms, to help the sales team better utilize these tools to help win more business.