A Day Into The Life Of A Global Strategic Sourcing Manager

Morning Routine

Every morning, I start my day by saying good morning to my family. After a quick breakfast and a cup of tea, I drop off my 3-year-old at kindergarten. Then, I drive to work. It takes about 40 minutes, but I actually enjoy this time because I get to listen to podcasts about business and the stock market. It helps me stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the world and how it might affect our business.

Arriving at the Office

When I arrive at the office, I spend a few minutes checking for any important news related to the materials we use. Then, I go through my emails and prioritize my tasks for the day. I always plan my week ahead of time and focus on the most important tasks that align with our company’s goals. This helps me stay on track and make sure I’m working on what really matters.

Collaboration and Meetings

Sourcing is a team effort, so I work closely with other departments to make sure our decisions align with the company’s goals. We have weekly meetings with different teams to discuss our ongoing efforts and how we can improve. I also have online meetings with my teammates in the American and APAC regions to talk about our sourcing activities and how we can expand our opportunities.

One of my favorite parts of the job is having standing meetings with my teammates in front of a whiteboard. We use this time to brainstorm ideas, share our thoughts openly, and come up with strategies as a team. It’s a great way to make creative decisions and have quality discussions.

Building Relationships

My Journey to Sourcing

I grew up in a small town in Anatolia, Turkey and discovered my commercial side through selling hand-drawn labyrinths and homemade box games to my classmates. After studying Textile Engineering, I chose a business path and began working in sourcing and procurement. I spent five years at Turkey’s largest men’s garment company, negotiating multimillion-dollar deals in the Far East and Europe. I continued my career in the textile industry in Istanbul before moving to Germany in 2017. I’ve been with Clear Edge for four years now, totaling 18 years in the sourcing and procurement field.

Using Technology

I am a big fan of exhibitions like Techtextil, where I can interact with multiple new and incumbent suppliers under one roof. Internet searches are also crucial for finding new sources. Moreover, I use open AI tools, which I find very helpful in identifying alternative sources. I strongly believe in the future of AI in sourcing and procurement, and organizations embracing AI now will be one step ahead in the future.

My Approach – Personality Traits

Two personality traits greatly influence my approach: healthy paranoia and agreeableness. As a sourcing professional, I believe that being prepared for worst-case scenarios and having a resilient buying environment is crucial for success. I prioritize strategic sourcing, recognizing its impact not only on the bottom line but also on the business’s overall success. Additionally, my agreeableness helps me establish trusting relationships with vendors. By working together as a team and building trust, even the toughest negotiations can lead to success. I strive to help major vendors understand our shared future and mission.