Filter Cloth

Clear Edge is proud to provide an extensive range of wet and dry filtration and screening products and fabrics.

With decades of experience finding solutions for customers, we have a deep knowledge of the many types of filter media, screening and sieving products, as well as experience in manufacturing press cloths, bas and belts to suit practically any process equipment.

This culture of innovation is supported by our in-house research and local technical support.

We also offer full fabrication capabilities to suit the needs of our customers’ individual filter processes and equipment — everything from sewing, edge treatments, heavy-duty seam welding and heavy-duty sewing to clipper insertion, eyelets, laser cutting and bag design.

Fluidized Bed Dryer Bags
Clear Edge’s Fluidized Bed Dryer Bags offer a gentle solution for drying, sizing, agglomerating or spray coating of delicate substances in powder form. The bags are most often used in process stages close to the end product and have been proven to optimize particle capture and flow rate properties.

The accuracy and repeatability of our cutting systems ensures this complex bag design is constantly manufactured to your exact specifications.

Key features of our Fluidized Bed Dryer Bags include:

  • Precision make-up
  • Stringent quality control
  • Superior drying
  • Excellent particle capture

Filter Press Fabrics
Clear Edge offers its customers a full range of Filter Press Fabrics. These press cloths can be manufactured with a traditional neck or with patented Coreflo® barrelneck technology to fit all types and sizes of recessed chamber and membrane filter plates. The Coreflo® neck, being welded rather than stitched to the filter cloth, results in superior strength, reliability and performance.

This unique product also boasts no bleed-through in stitch holes, no filtration in the neck, improved core blow, excellent fitting (no creases) and better discharge.

Our Filter Press Fabrics provide many benefits: 

  • No sudden reductions in yield
  • Elimination of product loss
  • Reduced differential pressures
  • Drape over, caulked in styles
  • Fit all makes, including Latham, R&B, Edwards & Jones, Avery, Eimco, Diemme, Hoesch, Jord, JWI, Perin, Svedala, Netzsch and Schenk.

Drum, Pan Disc Covers
Precision-woven Pan Filter Media are available from Clear Edge when you require consistent drainage, cake formation and washing to ensure a clean, evenly distributed, dry filter cake for discharge in alumina hydrate, phosphoric acid, titanium dioxide and other applications.

Our fabric and elastomeric disc covers have been perfected over many years to optimize washing, lower filtrate solids and reduce moisture content. Their high drainage properties also help our customers achieve capacity gains in typically heavy-duty applications.

Drum Filter Covers (roll, knife, string and belt) require a durable, true-tracking and stable media with rapid cake formation to optimize cake thickness, lower cake moistures, reduce maintenance and significantly reduce solids in filtrate.

All our fabrics are developed using state-of-the-art technical textile and testing technologies that enable us to match our materials to your desired filtration characteristics.

The key features of our covers are:

  • Increased tonnage and profitability
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Superior cake formation and dryness
  • NuTrak™ and Dual-Tex® for improved performance
  • Fits all makes, including Bokela, GL&V/Dorr Oliver, Eimco, Komline Sanderson, Andritz, Jord, Bird, Kraus Maffai

Pressure Leaf Covers
Clear Edge is a leading supplier of Pressure Leaf Covers for many industries, including the chemicals and mineral processing sectors.

These filtration products are created from polyester, polypropylene and other materials — often with special coatings — and are used to improve cake formation and assist customers in meeting their performance objectives.

Key benefits of our Pressure Leaf Covers are:

  • Superior cake formation
  • Suits all makes and models
  • Backed by local technical support

Kelly Bags
Developed specifically for use in red mud deliquoring, security, oxalate removal, seed washing and final product applications, our Alutex® Kelly bags represent Clear Edge’s ongoing commitment to the alumina industry.

ALUTEX® Kelly bags are the most reliable and best performing cloths in the industry. They optimize your plant’s productivity gains while still maintaining quality goals by improving flow performance, inhibiting scale formation, and reducing the effects of chemical and temperature attack.

Clear Edge’s Kelly bags offer:

  • More productive, lower cost operations
  • Lower filtrate solids and cake moisture
  • Increased hours between caustic washes
  • Increased flows and reduced blinding
  • Improved life and cake release

Candle Filter Bags
When you need to process solvents, concentrated acids, food or dairy products, Clear Edge’s Candle Filter Bags offer high filtration efficiency and excellent cake release properties.

Customers utilize this product for:

  • Extremely dry solids
  • Improved filtrate clarity
  • Dual-Tex® double layer fabrics
  • Woven knitted or non-woven fabrics
  • Styles to suit all makes, including Dorr Oliver, Jord and Amafilter

Centrifuge liners
Every manufacturer knows that better fitting liners are critical to minimize product bypassing the liner. That’s why Clear Edge offers high-quality Centrifuge liners made from clean, contaminant-free yarns and materials to meet the industry’s most stringent requirements.

Our products are laser cut to ensure precision with repeatability and prevent the possibility of frayed edges. Seams can be welded rather than stitched to eliminate leaks, incompatible threads and degradation during the filtration process.

Clear Edge liners offer numerous benefits to users:

  • Quality control and inspection
  • Reduced product loss
  • Traceable consistent materials
  • Made from woven and non-woven materials, these precision filter bags have molded and welded seams to improve product integrity and eliminate leaks, product loss or possible contamination

Vessel Bags
Our Vessel Bags separate solids from liquids in batch formats for different industries and are particularly effective for processing paints, inks, oils and coolants. They are usually used for small, in-line batch separation functions and are tailored to fit specific OEM equipment designs.

The key benefits include:

  • A wide selection of raw materials
  • Absolute filter rating available
  • 10-100 micron range

Azurtex™ and Primapor™ Coated Media
Clear Edge offers several coatings developed specifically to improve particle retention:

Azurtex is a microporous polyurethane impregnation of a woven polyester or polypropylene substrate for use in fine particle filtration in solid/liquid separation.

Primapor is a microporous polyurethane coating bonded to a woven polyester substrate for use in fine particle filtration in solid/liquid separation.

Key features and benefits of our coated media are:

  • High retention efficiency
  • Longer life
  • Clear filtrate – virtually 100 percent solids removal
  • High throughput with a low tendency for blinding
  • Good cake discharge and drier cakes
  • Can be used with Coreflo™

Our Polynova filter cloths are developed and manufactured in close cooperation with machine manufacturers and end users. Clear Edge uses a variety of yarn types, diverse weave structures and air permeability variations to meet the high demands of a multitude of industries.

These Polynova filter cloths offer:

  • Long service life
  • Efficient cake release
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Easy cleaning
  • Superior retention efficiency
  • Improved throughput
  • Low cake moisture
  • Filtrate clarity