Staying Strong During and After the Pandemic


The global coronavirus (COVID-19) health and economic crisis has influenced our lives in almost every way for many weeks. Throughout this time, Clear Edge has lived by these principles:

  • Protecting the health and safety of our team-members and their families
  • Ensuring continued service to our valued customers by maintaining a robust business
  • Joining the fight against COVID-19

All local government guidelines continue to be closely followed across our global operations with best hygiene practices augmented with home working and personal spacing to keep transmission risk to a minimum. Our facilities have remained largely open with supply disruption kept to a minimum and we are pleased to report that all Clear Edge manufacturing locations are now operating.

Our contribution to the fight against COVID-19 has and continues to be multi-pronged: we have worked with our valued customers, including those engaged in sustaining food, water and pharmaceutical supply to ensure their ongoing operation; we have manufactured and supplied materials for the assembly of face masks; and have even sourced masks from sister companies to alleviate shortages.

As the world plans an exit from social restrictions, we are working hard to understand many aspects of the post-pandemic “new normal”. Clear Edge is committed to safeguarding the health of our team, adding value to customers’ processes and the fight against COVID-19, now and beyond this pandemic.