Filtration Group Stimulates Job Market Through Key Acquisitions in Western New York


Executives from Filtration Group and it’s three Buffalo-based companies–Buffalo FilterMultisorb Technologies and Air System Products–unveiled emerging technologies and active plans for employee recruitment at a press conference on August 21, 2018.

Following the announcement of the recent acquisition of Multisorb Technologies and the earlier additions of Air System Products and Buffalo Filter, Filtration Group has further expanded its portfolio in life sciences, healthcare, medical and an array of industrial markets. Filtration Group now has more than 7,200 employees across 28 countries and an annual revenue of more than $1.5 billion.

The products being designed, engineered and manufactured by the three Buffalo-based companies are broadening Filtration Group’s capabilities to serve its customers with an unmatched depth of expertise in diverse market segments.  

“Filtration Group continues to look for ways to make the world safer, healthier and more productive,” said Mike Ellis, Chief Human Resources Officer for Filtration Group.  “All three of our companies in Buffalo Niagara are committed to those same values as evident by the hard-working people who are employed at these facilities and the technologically advanced products that are being manufactured here. 

For the Buffalo Niagara community, the investment by Filtration Group strengthens Western New York’s growing distinction as a tech center and enables the companies to have greater reach across the globe while still retaining local roots.

“Filtration Group’s significant local investment will further strengthen and expand our region’s position as a leader in technology and innovation,” said Sen. Patrick M. Gallivan, representing the 59th Senate District of New York State. “With customers located around the world, Filtration Group will provide new employment opportunities locally that will have a positive impact on the Western New York economy.”    

The series of acquisitions is representative of Filtration Group’s pattern of breathing new life into local economies and identifying companies that are trailblazers within their industries.

“At Multisorb, we are constantly discovering new applications for our technologies and evolving our production lines to world-class standards,” said Mike Lippa, Chief Operating Officer of Multisorb. “Our newly renovated facility and specialized manufacturing machines designed in-house reflect this mission. Joining the Filtration Group family equips Multisorb with the ability to continue these advancements while extending our potential customer base.”

The companies promoted their range of employment opportunities for as many as 60 new positions and exhibited cutting-edge products featured in an “Innovation Station.” For the biomedical market, Buffalo Filter showcased how its surgical smoke evacuation technology protects patients and medical staff from the damaging effects of smoke emitted through operating room equipment.

“Buffalo Filter is designing medical devices to improve surgical safety, which has prompted national legislation for smoke-free healthcare facilities,” said Samantha Bonano, President and CEO of Buffalo Filter.  “As a part of Filtration Group, we are able to reach new markets and channels with some of the most comprehensive and advanced product lines in the world.”

In life sciences, Multisorb introduced its new developments in active packaging technology, including sorbents that use organic materials to preserve quality and freshness of pharmaceuticals and food and beverage products. For industrial markets, Air System Products also presented its condensate drains and oil/water separators that help reduce oil discharge from compressors and ultimately allow for more eco-friendly operations.

“We are pleased to be part of a global enterprise that affords us the opportunity to expand our footprint and share resources across many different markets and industries,” said William Niblock, Vice President of Operations for Air System Products. “Having Buffalo Filter and Multisorb so close by is even more convenient and another benefit of joining the Filtration Group family.”

PHOTO CAPTION: NY State Senator Patrick Gallivan shaking hands with Samantha Bonano, President and CEO of Buffalo Filter

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