Meet Nicole Schneider

Technology & Quality Manager,

Germany Region

Name: Nicole Schneider

Region: Germany – Geldern Walbeck

Position: Technology & Quality Manager

Years of Service: 6 years

Nationality: German

Can you tell us about your current role and responsibilities?

Currently, I am working as the Technology and Quality Manager for Clear Edge. I am responsible for the Global Technology Team, the Laboratory in Germany & America, and the QM in Germany. This Team manages and develops the Product Portfolio, New Product Developments, Technical Sales Support in combination with our regional technical support, Process Improvements, Quality Assurance & Management, and supports the overall growth of the company.

Can you tell us about your journey at Clear Edge?

I started at Clear Edge in June 2018 as a Quality Engineer in the local Quality Team. I then got the chance to work as the Quality Manager for Clear Edge, taking over the local German Laboratory. Following this change, I recently transitioned into the role of the Technology and Quality Manager, with the responsibility of the Global Technology Team and the Americas Laboratory. So, it’s been cross-functional from the beginning!

What first drew you to want to work for Clear Edge?

Studying Textile Engineering was not always the plan-A. I started to study textiles with the aim to go into the Fashion Industry. During studying, I felt a pull more towards Textile Technology, so I changed my path. I always wanted to do something impactful for people’s lives or the environment, and this led me in the end to Clear Edge. Clear Edge was/is my first job after studying.

What is the driving force behind everything you do… what keeps you motivated and driven daily?

Making an impact, especially for people. I strongly believe that work should be a fun place where you are happy to go and to see that an environment like this is created, where a team can share openly their ideas and concerns but also develop and advance in their own way, is really motivating. Otherwise, of course, solving issues and facing and managing challenges. Winning is fun & motivating for sure!

What’s something you do to start your workday?

As I have a 30-minute drive to work, I like to hype myself with a self-made disco in my car. Trust me, singing (badly, of course) and dancing to work sets the perfect mood for everything. Before I go into my office, I poke my head into the technical office and lab to greet everybody for the day.

Tell us about your biggest achievement/proudest moment at Clear Edge to date?

To be honest, the recent change. Getting the responsibility for the Global Technology Team at this youngest age is incredible. I do not take this for granted, and I am more than grateful for this chance. I am aware that this is a big responsibility with a lot of challenges, but also possibilities, and I will do my best to fulfil this position.

Who has been the biggest mentor in your professional career and what was the most important lesson they taught you?

I was and am a strong believer that everyone you meet will have an impact on you in some way, so I could name many people. Let me stick to Clear Edge

Well, where should I start? Let me go for two topics


Christian Schagun, my first leader at Clear Edge, was a good mentor and showed me which values a leadership position needs to have to have a positive impact on people. He also trained me very well and fast regarding Quality Management requirements. After that, I have to say Eva Schumann gave me a different perspective on leadership and guidance of employees. Her way of thinking and asking questions was inspiring and totally different. I learned so much in this time period; my biggest takeaway: Do not focus on anything you cannot control. Work on what you can control, and you will succeed. 

Now with Paul McClellan, again, I see a different way of approaching challenges. Paul’s positive mindset is truly remarkable and infectious. It helps you to see everything from different perspectives and to find new solutions; talking about thinking outside the box. I am looking forward to learning more and more! 


For the technical side, I need to name Dominik Baron, Dave Fogg & Jean Marc Benz. These three make working with them and learning from them so incredibly easy. Just observing how they treated technical issues, people & customers was really something I looked up to, and still today I did not stop learning. They give feedback and improvement possibilities and help everyone as much as they can. Their traits are something you can learn from and are not self-evident.

What advice would you give to new employees joining the organization?

Keep asking and writing. There are no stupid questions, and the easiest or maybe obvious questions sometimes lead to new ways of thinking and help to improve. Small tip coming from a Technical and QM side – “The best question is: Why?“.

If you could sit down for dinner with anyone, who would it be and why?

Deceased: Vivienne Westwood & Alive: Tim Burton. From a young age, I’ve been fascinated by the art they create. Vivienne’s approach to textiles and her deep respect for them resonated with me, growing up in a household that cherished everything, especially textiles, with my grandmother making clothes herself. Tim Burton’s art is extraordinary, and I deeply admire it. I would certainly have a few questions for him. 

What is one thing that very few people know about you?

I do ballet in my free time. I did it for 10 years during school and stopped due to studying, and I restarted quite a while ago now again. As I am someone who does not find it easy to open and share things, it might come as a bit of a surprise that I am getting married at the beginning of November this year – surprise.

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

Some colleagues who have travelled with me already know that I love taking pictures. It is the perfect complement to my love for traveling. However, it is not so perfect when you consider the storage and time needed for sorting pictures. Nonetheless, I am not one to say no—I am up for anything and always happy to experience new things. I enjoy going to concerts, meeting friends, doing garden work (which is new for me!), and spending time with my boyfriend and family.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the continuous support I always receive and see. When I started at Clear Edge, I was often asked about my experience and the people here. What I immediately noticed is that everyone is willing to help. Whether it is Production, Sales, Administration, or any other department, there has never been a time in the last 6 years where I did not receive help or felt left alone. This is truly remarkable, so thank you for that!

What do you enjoy most about being a technical professional?

The ongoing movement. There is never a day in my technical work life that is like any other. From solving issues and finding new opportunities to creating new developments or entering completely new markets, the learning never ends. This is something I always look forward to. Of course, we aim to finish our projects successfully and on time, but isn’t it great that technically we are never finished? There is always room for more development, more solutions, and more innovation.

Please tell us about a situation where your recommendation helped make the World Safer, Healthier, and More Productive?

Well, I am not sure if this qualifies as a recommendation, but when Dominic and I collaborated on our current next-generation product range—developed in response to a claim—we faced some decisions with higher risks that could lead to significant waste and monetary loss on our side. Through technical discussions and lab tests, we observed that the material performed exceptionally well. However, we only had material intended for treatment in the old normal product range. 

At this juncture, we had to choose between full production using the new method or sticking to the old one. Opting for the risk, I decided to treat the fabric using the new method directly. Now, we are using the next-generation product range for different green energy applications. 

Do not get me wrong; there is still a lot of work to be done for this article, but we are moving in the right direction, to make our World, Safer, Healthier and More Productive