Filter Cloth – The key component for an efficient, trouble-free operation.

The Role of Filter Cloth in Production

Filter cloth is a crucial component in modern production environments. It helps ensure that processes run efficiently with minimal downtime, while also keeping the work environment safe for workers. The right filter cloth is essential for optimizing productivity levels.

The Importance of Total Cost of Ownership

When it comes to filter cloth, many people only consider filtration efficiency. While this is important, it’s not the only factor to consider. The right filter cloth can also bring hidden savings that are often overlooked. Understanding the total cost of ownership (TCO) is key to realizing all the financial benefits of selecting the correct filter cloth.

Choosing the Right Filter Cloth

Choosing the right filter cloth can be a simple process with the right partner. It starts with a detailed needs analysis to ensure that the right media is selected from the extensive range of differing constructions. Factors like equipment type, particle size distribution, cake composition, solids content, pH, and temperature all play a major part in understanding the process requirements. With the necessary amount of detail, we can then start to select polymer type, yarn type, weight, and efficiency standpoints like warp and weft density, weave pattern, and finishing method that controls the resulting fabric permeability.

The Benefits of the Right Filter Cloth

The right filter cloth not only ensures that particle capture is at the desired level, but it also determines operating parameters like cake moisture, which is critical when managing energy costs. It improves cake discharge, essential for a maintenance and a labor-free filter operation. It helps ensure maximum productivity with high flow rates while balancing that with resistance to blinding or blocking of the fabric, which increases filter fabric longevity.

The Impact on Total Cost of Ownership

Increasing the service life of the filter cloth reduces filter downtime and the number of units consumed during a campaign. By reducing the number of changeovers, we can ensure that a filter stays running for longer. The impact this has on operational total cost of ownership (TCO) is significant.

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