Vertical Tower Press Belts

Vertical Tower Press Belts

Our Tower Press Belts provide reliable filtration solutions for a variety of industries — from the pigment, dye and chemical fields to mineral, pharmaceutical and food applications.

These belts are manufactured from polypropylene/polyester materials and designed with varying weave patterns and yarn types to optimize filtration efficiency, cake moisture and filtrate clarity on all makes of 1.05 and 1.7 machines. Their sealed, reinforced edges and clipper seams guarantee stable, durable performance and exceptionally dry solids (from coarse to fine grades).

Our Tower Press Belts offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased plant productivity
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Optimized throughput and clarity
  • Excellent cake release and resistance to blinding
  • Lower percentage of solids in filtrate
  • Stretch-, shrink- and abrasion-resistant

Advantages of the Vertical Tower Press

  • Compared to a conventional filter press, tower presses have a smaller footprint

  • Tower presses automatically discharge sticky filter cakes cleanly meaning lower machine maintenance

  • Effective cake washing with minimum use of wash liquor and the ability to wash both sides of the fabric

  • Typically has a shorter cycle time than conventical filter presses

Benefits of Clear Edge's Vertical Tower Press Belts

  • Excellent cake release with the reduced risk of waste particles
  • High elongation and crease resistance
  • Guaranteed filtrate clarity
  • Strong resistance to blinding
  • Robust and withstand thick heavy filter cakes

For details on how we can tailor Vertical Tower Press Belts to your application, contact the team