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Pressure Filtration

Clear Edge offers market leading filter media products for many pressure filter types including Filter Presses, Tower Presses, Pressure Leaf Filters and Belt Presses.

We have developed unparalleled producs features such as our Coreflo™ barrel neck, adding value to our customers' process filtration stages.

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Vacuum Filtration

Through our Scandiafelt™ heritage, Clear Edge provides the world's best performing vacuum filter belts.

Our media products for Vacuum Disc, Vacuum Drum, Vacuum Pan and Vacuum Leaf filters are also relied upon by many customers in many applications around the world.

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Gravity Filtration

Where gravity is employed to provide the pressure for separation, Clear Edge is employed to provide the media critical to achieving the specified result.

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Monodur™ Woven Mesh

Clear Edge Monodur™ screen fabrics are available in a comprehensive selection of mesh openings and are woven from Polyamide (Nylon), Polyester, Polypropylene, PFA, PEEK and FEP monofilament fibres.

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Dry Filtration

Clear Edge's selection of media for dry filtration is compatible with all types of baghouse, whether the application is the collection of your valuable product, the protection of the environment or your workforce.

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High Retention Media

Filtering extremely fine particles is a challenge. That’s why Clear Edge pioneered coated filter media solutions. These products promote process efficiency even with the most demanding particle size distributions.

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Anti-Static Filter Media

From process belts to filter press cloths to dry filtration bags, Clear Edge has developed media for use where antistatic properties are critical to a safe process.

roll goods

Roll Goods

At Clear Edge, we supply precision woven, quality-assured filter media roll goods which deliver high performance and efficiencies to multiple filtration applications. 

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Hardware Spares

Clear Edge offers a focused range of hardware components to complement our media solutions, further enhancing your process productivity and filtration efficiency.