Clear Edge’s Coolflo™ Filtration Belts Help Reduce Cost and Waste at Major Auto Manufacturer

Through acquisition and consolidation, a major automotive manufacturer had substantially grown its share of the car market and was looking at ways of improving its operating costs, whilst improving its environmental footprint.


One area of concern was its coolant fluid process during the Face Grinding of the engine components. Within their Gravity Band Filter system they used viscose paper as the traditional method of separating coolant fluid from metal cutting. As well as being inefficient from a filtration perspective with up to 200mgpl of waste, vast volumes of contaminated paper had to be disposed of. This was costly as well as being an environmental disposal and recover problem.


Clear Edge was approached to look at the problem and together with an engineering company, converted the traditional machines from a paper batch system of operation to using a reusable more efficient synthetic coolant fluid filtration media. The aim was to move from 200mgpl of very fine, sticky and abrasive particulate matter to a target of 50mgpl and provide additional uptime. Clear Edge’s Coolflo™ Coolant Fluid Filtration Belts were able to achieve a filtrate solids content of 7mgpl resulting in a much more efficient process and increased fluid cleanliness.

Compared to other competitor product, Clear Edge was able to beat the target by 86%. This meant both materials could be efficiently recovered making the whole process much more environmentally friendly.


With increased service life and far fewer changeovers, less manpower was required resulting from the increased machine up time. The annual cost per year has been reduced by approximately 65%. The cleaner filtrate also adds benefits in terms of longevity of tool life, resulting in additional indirect cost and material savings.

Due to its superior solids discharge from the belt surface, Clear Edge double layer Coolflo™ media can be effectively washed and is rejuvenated each time. Competitor’s viscose papers are used once with zero rejuvenation properties which produces more waste.

Overall, the customer was very satisfied with Coolflo™ Coolant Fluid Filtration Belts from Clear Edge as its improved productivity, uptime and dramatically reduced waste to landfill.