Clear Edge’s Coolflo™ Belts Improve Coolant Fluid Filtration at Major Bearings Manufacturer

A major bearings manufacturer produces over 150 million bearings each year in more than 1000 sizes to serve a host of varied customers across 30 countries in 5 continents.


Due to industry demand and finer bearing grinding, the bearings manufacturer required coolant fluid filtration able to achieve greatly improved solids capture, flow rate and media life expectancy. Their solids in filtrate (clean coolant fluid) averaged 150mgpl, however the company’s target was less than 35mgpl.


Clear Edge’s Coolflo™ Coolant Fluid Filtration Belts were able to meet the desired requirements of the manufacturer. Coolflo™ achieved a maximum filtrate solids content of 15mgpl, beating the original target of 35mgpl. Other competitor products were only able to achieve an inconsistent solids retention in the region of 25-50mgpl. The life expectancy of the Clear Edge product is approximately 3 years, resulting in uptime and production efficiency.


Clear Edge supplied Coolflo™ Coolant Fluid Filtration Belts with their special fabricated polyester seam which offers great mechanical properties. The seam also offers an easier install solution compared to competitor seams, which can also be prone to premature failure. For older machines, Clear Edge has created a solution for premature wear of belt edges by increasing the width of the edge reinforcement. The bearings manufacturer was satisfied with the superior cake release due to the smoother surface of the laminated screen mesh as well as the flow rate which was at a desired level. Due to its unique construction, the fabric is easy to clean by standard spray bar operation and is rejuvenated easily, leading to longer service life. In a face grinding process, Coolflo™ Coolant Fluid Filtration Belts were able to produce a very fine particulate separation, resulting in high filter efficiency. Overall, the manufacturer was satisfied with both the belt performance and the results achieved.