Technical Fabrics

Constructed of monofilament or multifilament yarns in a variety of widths, Clear Edge Filtration technical screen fabrics deliver proven quality and maximum service life, while ensuring optimum performance. The specialized fibers we use to weave these versatile fabrics include nylon, polyester, polypropylene, PVDF, PFA, FEP, PEEK and antistatic products.

Clear Edge Filtration’s screen fabric line offers a wide selection of fabrics with mesh openings from 5,000 microns – to as small as 1 micron. Most fabrics are available in stock. Our in-house capabilities include value-added processing such as slitting, stamping, tubing, dyeing and finishing of products used in medical and highly demanding electronic applications.

Clear Edge Filtration screen fabrics are woven to very high quality standards in our modern weaving plants in the US, Europe and Asia. All manufacturing entities are ISO 9001-2008 certified since 1993.

MONODUR and SCREENTEX fabrics are used successfully for screening, classifying, sifting, separating, filtering and straining in critical applications all over the world. They are designed and manufactured to meet the diverse requirements of industries such as automotive, biomedical, chemical, food processing, appliance and water treatment.