Cerafil®, from Clear Edge, is a family of low-density ceramic filter elements used in filter plants for higher temperature applications. Extremely efficient and corrosion-resistant, Cerafil elements can be used in the most difficult gaseous conditions.

Clear Edge has gained many years of experience in hot gas filtration in demanding applications, including:

  • Glass furnaces
  • Incineration, including most types of waste & biomass processes
  • Cement kilns
  • Metallurgical (ferrous/non-ferrous)
  • Transportation, including marine diesel engines
  • Chemicals, including carbon black manufacture

Developed over a number of years, Cerafil is a low-density ceramic element which is highly effective and efficient at handling sub-micron particles in industrial gas processes. The product family has been expanded to three specific product lines:

Cerafil XS

  • Inert ceramic fiber base
  • Optimal removal of particulate and acid gases at temperatures up to 450°C+

Cerafil Green

  • Made from engineered mineral fibers
  • Strong and consistent
  • Excellent where a robust filter medium is needed and ceramic fibers can’t be used

Cerafil TopKat

  • Revolutionary product with built in catalyst
  • Simplified abatement due to multiple pollutant removal
  • Simultaneous removal of particulate, acid gases, NOx and dioxins