Industrial Process Filtration

 Cost-Effective Dewatering Solutions
Sludge handling and disposal is a major cost for wastewater facilities. Clear Edge Filtration’s effective solutions for dewatering of municipal and industrial waste water streams allow you to:

  • Lower storage and transportation costs by reducing the volume of sludge
  • Eliminate free liquids before landfill disposal
  • Reduce fuel required to incinerate or dry residuals
  • Produce a material with sufficient void space and volatile solids for composting when blended with a bulking agent
  • Avoid the potential of biosolids pooling and runoff associated with liquid land application
  • Optimize subsequent processes such as thermal drying

The choice of sludge dewatering equipment has a significant impact on achieving results cost effectively. Choosing the optimal belt filter filtration media is essential. Look to Clear Edge Filtration to provide unparalleled technical support, equipment versatility and dewatering expertise. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of belt filters that deliver robust, highly consistent performance in your critical application. We can also create reliable solutions for your specific application needs by leveraging our material science capabilities. Our adherence to internationally recognized manufacturing and quality principles assures consistent lot-to-lot performance and compliance with regulatory standards.

We are committed to keeping you competitive through continuous innovation. Our global team of market specialists, engineers and scientist works closely with municipal and industrial customers worldwide to develop solutions that address key business drivers, such as product flexibility, waste and energy management and regulatory compliance.

Clear Edge Filtration has been the recognized filtration supplier of belt filters for dewatering applications for decades. With the ever-growing scale of operations and increasingly rigorous process requirements, we continuously develop new filtration solutions to meet your objectives with consistent and reproducible results.

Leading-Edge Solutions Driven By Applied Material Science Expertise
Clear Edge Filtration has a long-standing tradition of quality. By using only the highest quality raw materials and subjecting them to the most rigorous quality assurance measures, we ensure our filters perform consistently in your application from batch to batch, year to year.

But Clear Edge Filtration products are not just about quality. They are about innovation. Unlike some suppliers, Clear Edge Filtration manufactures many of the filtration media incorporated into our filtration products. By drawing on more than 100 years of industry application expertise with the latest in material science technology, Clear Edge Filtration can develop proprietary solutions that meet the rigorous demands of dewatering applications.

Global Solutions with Local Service and Support
Clear Edge Filtration operates through an international network of sales, manufacturing and technology centers. Working with Clear Edge Filtration, you gain access to a global manufacturing organization with an impressive portfolio of products, quality systems and market experience to meet the diverse requirements of your processes.

Our international team of industrial process filtration specialists can conduct a detailed analysis of your filtration process and offer solutions tailored to your unique needs. This program can include filtration products, on-site support, and services that reduce your total filtration costs while maintaining equipment uptime and productivity. This enables you to focus your resources where they are most needed.

Advanced Technology Centers
Clear Edge Filtration’s two, state-of-the-art scientific laboratories feature advanced equipment and sophisticated analytical methods to evaluate all aspects of your process and application. Our laboratories are staffed with scientists and engineers, most with advanced degrees in a broad variety of disciplines including chemistry, engineering, advanced material science and physics. Backed by years of experience in filtration and fluid clarification, our scientific team works with industrial process filtration customers throughout the world to solve complex problems, evaluate new products in the early stages of development and investigate break-through applications to increase your productivity or lower costs.

Laboratory capabilities include:

  • Contamination analysis
  • Emission and absorption spectrophotometry
  • Gas and liquid chromatography
  • Light and electron microscopy
  • Particle counting
  • Fluid analysis

Clear Edge Filtration’s scientific laboratories in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Geldern-Walbeck, Germany are ISO9001 certified. Regional laboratories are strategically positioned to provide rapid response to our your technical needs anywhere in the world, at any hour.